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WPX Receives 2009 MAP Presidential Award

Oct 01, 2010

WPX was announced as a winner of the 2009 Presidential Award from Management Action Programs (MAP) for our successful implementation of the MAP Management System™. Lee Froschheiser, MAP's CEO, said "With this year’s selection criteria, MAP examined how well the selected organizations have weathered the current economic storm. We noted that the leadership teams are proactive versus reactive, and have strategic ability to make timely course-correction when challenged. They’re using core MAP principles and staying focused on their Vital Factors®, which drive productivity and control costs. They’re also creating a competitive advantage through goal alignment and accountability from the top down in their organizations. On behalf of the entire MAP Team, we congratulate this year’s MAP Presidential Award winners.”

For the full article, please click here MAPAnnounces2009PresidentialAwardWinners